Trey Ratcliff in Portugal

In April 2017, the outstanding american photographer Trey Ratcliff came to Portugal to make a Photo Walk in Lisbon.

I went there not also to do the photowalk but, above all, to meet him in person because I had no doubt that it would be a defining moment of my life, and not only as a photographer, such is the feeling of inspiration that he projects. And I was not mistaken. 

It was well worth having done more than 600 km on that sunday, April 23, and have squeezed his hand and look him in the eyes and feel like a serene shock I will never forget.

I had the opportunity to invite him and his team to the next day, on the way to Barcelona, ​​to visit my city of Porto that he did not know at all. The invitation was accepted, and the next day we were all having lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Casa D'Oro, on the banks of the Douro River. It was an epic day with a lot of photography but also a lot of conversation to which my family joined at nightfall and we said goodbye after a dinner on the Marginal of Gaia city, always around the Douro River.
We do not meet again (because it's not easy for someone like Trey who is always traveling all over the world), but me and my family always have him in our hearts, and I think he has us too.
I was very inspired by his example that I started at that time to build my new project the Pictury Photo Tour, photo tours and travels in Portugal, idea that I shared with him and to which he gave me all his support, encouragement and affection. What a Guy!
And, many thousands of miles later and having crossed with thousands of people, he made a surprise by presenting us with a video testimony that will make him always with us and we can share this moment with the whole world.

Wish You Well Trey!

José Manuel (and family)

P.S. - One of my photos below, taken at the photowalk in Lisbon was awarded with an Aurora HDR software.

Photo Walk in Lisbon… with Trey Ratcliff